Still Life

Still Life is another category for my paintings. They are a great way to keep painting skills sharpened, experiment and enjoy the freedom to work slower as the light condition are constant.

Still Life with Coco Nuts

Coco palms and the beach are most likely what people associate with the Florida Landscape. In my current work I am not painting beach scenes so you will not see any ocean pictures. My focus is rather the swamp and shrubby woods of the inland landscape that I find interesting and fascinating. Maybe in the future I will also add beach scenes and the view of the ocean.

The Florida Landscape

You will not find paintings of mountains here, instead, plenty of palm trees, the swamps, dunes and sandy trails in shrubby forests. This is what surrounds me here in South Florida.

Growing up in a Northern climate, this unique landscape does not cease to fascinate me. You can say that living in this part of the world for over 20 years, has changed me into

a mosquito-swatting plein-air enthusiast. at the easel